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EMS Banquet Nominations

Alameda County Emergency Medical Services Agency is hosting its annual EMS banquet luncheon to honor emergency medical services personnel for their hard work and dedication to the communities they serve. This could be your partner, a nurse or doctor from a hospital, or a private citizen that has taken on a special interest relating to EMS.  This years’ celebration luncheon will be Wednesday, October 14th. See the EMS website for more information— www.alcoems.org

Nominations must be received at the EMS office
no later than September 18, 2015
(Minimum of 3 nominations required per category)

Nomination Form


Star of Life Award recognizes an individual with exemplary medical skills, whose actions have contributed to the advancement of excellence in the delivery of emergency care to the residents of Alameda County.

Siren Award recognizes  an  individual, or a team of individuals from one or multiple agencies, who performed exceptional or heroic actions and/or exemplary teamwork in saving or attempting to save the life of another.

Heart of EMS Award recognizes an individual, who by his/her actions has shown exceptional compassion for patients, has been an advocate for patients’ rights, was involved in vol- unteer activities outside of work that enhance EMS, and/or was a role model for co-workers and others in the EMS community in Alameda County.

Ben Mathews Lifetime Achievement Award recognizes an individual who by his/her actions and innovative thinking contributed to expanding the future of EMS in Alameda County, and whose contributions to prehospital care have been consistent and long lasting, representing a lifetime of outstanding service to the profession and the public.

Compassionate Caregiver Award recognizes an individual or organization that has dedicated exceptional time and effort to reduce suffering, promote better access to services (including emergency medical care) and raise community awareness to the special needs of an at-risk population in Alameda County.


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Alameda County EMS is a high performance EMS system located in the Bay Area of Northern California.There are over 140,000 9-1-1 call each year in the system.
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