Ambulance System Redesign Project – Citygate UPDATE #2



It has been a busy summer and early Fall on the project! We appreciate all of the interest shown in the stakeholder listening meetings. We have met with representatives of city leadership, receiving hospitals, public safety providers, Paramedics Plus management and their employee representatives. We have received and are modeling field deployment incident and current system revenue data sets.

In partnership with the EMS Agency staff, we have jointly developed new clinical care “brackets” of call priority code types to be the foundation of the next generation system response time criteria. We are now testing this thinking against prior incident locations, and resultant transports, if any.

On the economic front, we have meet with the top leadership in the California Health Care Services Agency and the State EMS Authority in a joint meeting in Sacramento. We are exploring in depth the regulatory framework of the latest Medicare and Medi-Cal reimbursements available to local government agencies. In Contra Costa County, their public-private partnership is called the Alliance Model.

All of this research, while perhaps appearing to go slowly, is providing a solid knowledge base upon which the ambulance care system in our County can be provided without re-occurring economic calamity.

We are on track to discuss our emerging opinions and then produce an RFP for comment before the end of this year.

If you have questions on this project, or wish to provide individual input, please telephone or email Michelle Voos at the EMS Agency at (510) 667-7984 or Michelle will then direct the question(s) to the appropriate Agency or Citygate team member.

Stewart Gary

Principal, Public Safety (Law Enforcement; Fire & Emergency Services) at Citygate Associates, LLC
Mr. Gary leads Citygate’s public safety practice areas of Law Enforcement and Fire & Emergency Services. He has recently directed the Rancho Cucamonga police services analysis, the Hesperia partners JPA feasibility study, a police and dispatch consolidation study for Brea and partners, and has been working on public safety studies of all types for over a decade. Chief Gary is the retired Fire Chief of the Livermore-Pleasanton Fire Department in Alameda County, California. Over the last fourteen years, he has performed over 200 organizational, staffing, and deployment studies and has worked with a variety of communities on staffing, master plan, and deployment studies. He has worked with The Omega Group, Citygate’s public safety data specialist, for over a decade and understands how to draw staffing and deployment conclusions from data.
Stewart Gary

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