EMS Recognition Awards 2016

Wednesday, December 7, 2016


The Alameda County Emergency Medical Services Agency is hosting the County’s annual EMS Recognition Event. Our event is scheduled for Wednesday, December 7, 2016 from 11:30 am to 2:30 pm at the “Casa Real” venue in Pleasanton. The goal of the event is to recognize our EMS champions and outstanding colleagues who have demonstrated exemplary skill as a prehospital provider, leveraged significant improvements in the EMS system and / or conducted themselves as leadership role models in our EMS community.

This celebratory event will recognize fire agencies, emergency and non-emergency ambulance transport providers, law enforcement, hospital personnel, and other partners who have exceptionally contributed to EMS in Alameda County. Awards include the “Heart of EMS” and the “EMS Star of Life Award.” Nominations will be submitted to our agency by peers of system participants and their organizational leaders. We will also recognize survivors of severe injury and illness, reuniting them with their rescuers.

Recognizes an individual with exemplary medical skills, whose actions have contributed to the advancement of excellence in the delivery of emergency care to Alameda County residents.
(Previously Siren) – Recognizes an individual, or a team of individuals from one or multiple agencies, who performed exceptional or heroic actions and/or exemplary teamwork in saving or attempting to save the life of another.
Recognizes an individual, who by his/her actions has shown exceptional compassion for patients, has been an advocate for patients’ rights, was involved in volunteer activities outside of work that enhance EMS, and/or was a role model for co-workers and others in the EMS community in Alameda County.
Recognizes an individual who by his/her actions and innovative thinking contributed to expanding the future of EMS in Alameda County, and whose contributions to prehospital care have been consistent and long lasting, representing a lifetime of outstanding service to the profession and the public.
Recognizes an individual or hospital organization that works to champion pediatric readiness in the hospital setting and leverages hospital-wide preparedness for children “day to day” and in a medical surge event in Alameda County.
“Outstanding Champion of Safety” – recognizes outstanding commitment, dedication and passion to supporting the mission of EMS efforts to reduce deaths and injuries to the citizens of Alameda County and the communities we serve through education, health promotion and prevention techniques.
Recognizes an EMS partner who has made an outstanding commitment and exceptional contribution to EMS Public Information, Education, and Community Relations.
Recognizes dedicated field personnel visionaries who use their passion for EMS to encourage and lead others in achieving positive outcomes in the community. Honors an individual who has made a significant contribution to the development of cutting edge EMS policies, procedures, or programs.
Recognizes a civilian who:

Stepped forward, usually without a hesitation, committing them to saving another human in peril. Alameda County wishes to recognize such civilians who, without training or regard for personal consequence, have shown unselfish personal valor by attempting to rescue a friend or person unknown to them. This person is not trained in, active in, or affiliated with the provision of EMS or rescue service and has shown valor in an attempt to rescue another.
The incident must have taken place in Alameda County; however, the nominee need not be a resident of Alameda County. The nominator need not have been involved in the incident. The nomination should include: a personal profile of the nominee; a detailed account of the incident and the actions of the nomineeetters of support from emergency responders involved in the incident if available. Also include, if available, any news reports of the incident in the form of newspaper/ magazine clippings, videotape, etc.
Took on a cause relative to the provision of EMS services, or a safety concern within the community that benefited the residents of Alameda County.


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